Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WhY cOmplaiN??

One fine Friday, during the class break, i decided to go to TLC KDU to check my email (i left my inbox unchecked for quite long).. i was indeed happy at that time because i was so semangat starting a new life after all the tears+heartbreaks.. Hehehe

So, when i opened my inbox,there were quite a number of new mails but nothing really caught my eyes except for one email forwarded by my lovely housemate,Ashley..
Why?? Well,basically the email showed the pictures of children in certain country living on a bare land.. some of them were lying on the ground (just the ground, minus the cooling tiles and shading roof) looking very very sick and starving(they are very skinny), and some of them have neither mom nor dad to look after them and they don’t even have nice clothes or shoes to wear.. very very kesian kan..??
Sincerely..the first time i read the email, i felt so awful(besides sad,of course)! I felt like i'm a terrible person who knows nothing but COMPLAIN! am i?? well,maybe i am.. But then i realised that was not the point there.. the whole point was, we should be grateful of what we have and what Allah s.w.t has given us, no matter how bad or good it is, cuz there is (must be) someone out there who has things worse than us.
That email has really made me realised that what i have gone through in life is not as bad as i thought.. even though i’ve just lost someone that i love,i still have other people who love me and have got my back through the sun and the rain.. and Allah still let me breathe and gave me the chance untuk menikmati the goodness of life.. I should be thankful 4 that!
So, i shouldn't’t have complaint and gave up in life.. cuz there must be a hikmah behind everything that has happened.. Allah knows every single thing.. He won’t give something to His hamba without a reason.. and only He knows the reason.. yeah..i’ve learnt my lesson.. and i believe that Allah has set the best future 4 everyone.. After all, Allah takkan menguji hambanya melebihi dari kemampuannya.. and who said “ujian” that was mentioned above only meant for negative things like losing the one we love, failing in exams etc ?? it also meant for all the positive things we have in life, u know, like wealth, health etc, which we tend to take for granted.... until... we lose them!
The conclusion is, let’s complain less, be grateful of what we have and make world a better place!
p/s: no wonder the email could win the best voted email! not only it caught my eyes but also touched my heart.. Thanx Ashley!
Till then! =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

turning over a new leaf, branch, fruit, seed..bla..bla..bla!

yup, dats wat i'm doing! y?? well, basically, after all that has happened to me lately, i just think that i seriously need to change my attitude,my thinking and the way i see through life.. i just realised that what n who i am now is affecting my future, my emotions n most importantly.. it's affecting those people i love!
there's always a room 4 improvement and it's totally not wrong to berhijrah, rite?
And this will be started with me writing a blog!
So, with the creation of this blog, i do hope that i could share my experience,inspired those who read it and make myself to learn along the way..
comments,criticisms and compliments are most welcome! =)