Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Ayah!

Hari niii birthday Ayah. Happy Birthday Ayah!

Besokk public holiday. Tahniah bola! Tahniah Malaysia!

Masih di Shah Alam sebab Mama and Ayah masih di JB. Honeymoon kott. *jealous*
Taknak balik Gombak until they're home.
Besok pagi mereka balik Gombak.

Tadiii, pergi hospital, tapiii, doktor takde. Assistant doktor plak, mentang2 doktor cutii, dia pun nak tumpang sekaki jugaakk.
So, kena datang balik besok pagi pukul 9.30.
Besokk before balik Gombak, kena singgah hospital duluuu.

Next week Mid term exam.
Stress stress!

Terasa nak tengok movie.
The pelancong.
Tix dah book.
Later, we're going!

Excited weiihh!!
(tak sedar diri next week nak exam)
Haha. Lantaklah!

Again, Happy Birthday Ayah!
Lotsa lovess.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What kind of stuff??

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I need. I need. I need. GRR!

Saya. Suka. Timetable. Semester. Tiga. Ini.


Ia buat waktu makan saya tunggang langgang. That's why saya suka.
Ia buat waktu tidur saya juga tunggang langgang. That's why saya suka.
Ia buat waktu study saya juga tunggang langgang. That's why saya suka.
Ia buat mood saya juga tunggang langgang. That's why saya suka.
Ia juga buat homework saya......errr...
susah nak siap on time yang ini saya tak salahkan timetable. Hee.

Okay, so here's the list!

List of what I need. (I wish I can have lahh! WISH onlyyy)
Keep on wishing! -___-"
  1. A Chef, a good one! I easily lost my appetite lately, especially if the food looks and tastes like, blerghh!
  2. A cheery cheerleader! With big big colourful pompoms! And a clown yang pandai tiup belon jadik teddybear, flower and topi boleh tak??
  3. Endless stock of sweets, chocs and rotiii and mineral water in my bagggyy. Ni lah gunanya pakai bag besaw2. Dah macam poket Doraemon dah haaaa.
  4. A cute adorable pill box. Sekali dengan alarm attached to it to remind me to makan ubat ON TIME! Kalau box tu ada suara like "Syireen, makan ubatt!!" pun mcm best jugak kann??
  5. Tangan Mama yg tepuk-tepuk me when I couldn't sleep at night. Oh that was CALMING, like HEAVEN! Kalah lullabies and bed time stories. Tepuk-tepuk lagi best!
  6. Otak yang super duper genius. Tak payah study pun boleh score. Erkkk. IMPOSSIBLE!
  7. Badan yang seperti robot; tak penat, tak sakit, tak lemah, tak lenguh, tak pengsan, tak tak tak tak tak, semua takk! Hmmm.

Okay, enough merepek-ing. Time to sleep! Zzzzz.
NOO! Cannot sleep, kerja BERLAMBAK..! :(

p/s: Penat telinga saye niii di-nag oleh Mama, Makcik Thara, Makcik Arfah and Makcik Suhada, and Makcik2 lain(including kakak2 senior) for not taking my ubats and meals on time. ;P
Alhamdulillah and thanks to all those beautiful women who care for me. Hugs & kisses! :)
Oh, Encik S tidak dilupakan juga. Thank you awak.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Qadaa and Qadar

"The pen has been raised and the pages are dried". The matter is determined. The decree will come to pass. The pre-destined will be executed. And the written must occur. Qadaa and Qadar. They are out of our capabilities to change. As He knows best.

لَا يُسْأَلُ عَمَّا يَفْعَلُ وَهُمْ يُسْأَلُونَ
"He cannot be questioned for His acts, but they will be questioned (for theirs)."

{Al-Anbiya: 23}

Stop grieving about what happened. Remember that, if Allah desires good for one, He tries him. Afterall, Allah never tries someone with a difficulty beyond his capacity.

"So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief."

{Al-Insyirah: 5}

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Attaining Happiness

Yes, that's the book I'm currently reading. Written by Muhammad bin Abdillaah Ash-Shaayi', translated by Abu Naasir Ibrahim Abdur-Rauf.

Given to me by a friend of mine,Encik K.
Thank you Encik K!
Thank you Allah!

p/s: If you'd just try to read this book from page to page, it'll be sooo worth it, trust me!! *No, I wasn't paid to say this* ;)

.....they said: "Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)."
So they returned with favor from Allah and bounty, no harm having touched them. And they pursued the pleasure of Allah , and Allah is the possessor of great bounty.

Ali 'Imran: 173-174

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Please grant me good health, ya Allah..
My mom needs me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Of ABC, cendol, tomyam and funfair :)


ABC Special

Before & After
(kenyang gile weeiihh!)

Cendol Special

Before & After
(pergh, licinnn! Syabas, Thara!)


Gayat :(

Thara is pretending to be excited, padahal tengah control air mata, kan kan kann! :p

*dalam hati,please stop this thingg!*

Torture ends. Phewh!

After Funfair, Mamak's time!! :)

Lama plak mamak ni masak Kueyteow Tomyam kann.
Sempat baca index 2 muka surat.

Tadaa! Dah sampai..!

....بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Mari makan!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December

December 1, 2010

Malam tadi dalam sejarah coz I slept early!!! 11.30pm dah berbungkus dalam comforter sambil peluk harpseal and bantal busuk. Letak kepala, main2 ngan henpon, terus zzz. That's not normal for me,as I usually sleep at around 1.30 paling awal and 3.30 paling lambat. Cuti atau tak, di rumah atau di hostel, seperti sama sahaja biological clock saya. Mama pun risau. Ngee~ :D

Tengah syok2 tidur, tetiba ada bunyik message masuk. My classmate asking me about homework Microbiology. Dengan ke-mamai-an yang still boleh di-control, terpinga-pinga looking at the time that the message was sent. 3.04 am?!! Ada jugak org tidur selambat itu. Well well.. I had just found my species! ;) So I replied, bla..bla..bla.. and at the end of the text, I spontaneously wrote, "Sorry kite tidur awal today.". Haha. Mintak maaf sbb TIDUR AWAL?? That was soooo abnormal of me! :p
okay, sambung tidur, zzz!

Wake up, wake up, sleepy head..!! Rise and shine..! My mentor smsed me saying that there'll be a meeting later in the evening. Okay, then she asked me bout the add and drop subject form. As we have to add another subject. She asked when to hand it to her?? I said, later masa meeting boleh?? And she said, sekarang boleh?? SEKARANG???! Okay2, nak siap jap. And done! 1 subject has been added. COMMUNITY SERVICE. Yes, we have to serve for the community :)

By then, dah lunch time. Pergi makan chapati, balik hostel balik, tak sempat nak buka pintu, Arfah sms-ed, "I'm at the cendol place with Ji-hsia and Krish". I patah balik pegi kat kereta after replied, "Coming. Save a seat for meh!" And we met there. That was the second time Arfah been there. The first time was with me. I told her that was the very BEST place for CENDOL & LAKSA. And she loved it! And that's why she sanggup drive all the way from Bukit Jalil to my place with her classmates, just for the cendol & laksa. (I should be getting some commissions. hehe)

I went straight to campus rite after for the community service meeting. Org tgh meeting, me bukak buku siapkan homework. Hihi. I've been appointed as AJK Transport. Haa. Sape lambat, tinggal!! :p

Class at 6pm to 8pm was......STRESSFUL sangatt :(
Solat Maghrib pun gopoh2. As a result, I lost my ODM! :'(

In loving memories. Sobss!

Habis je kelas at 8 terus pegi Sunway Pyramid with Thar and Lis, looking for a wedding gift. Tetapi, tiada yg berkenan di hati. So we went back with not an empty handed, but a pack of marshmallows and colourful yummy gummies! Tee-hee :D

Kedai sudah tutup, kami pulang ke tempat asal. Looking for a place to eat. Looking for a parking space. Found one! Ke-panjang-an parking tersebut agak besar. Lebih dari muat nak sumbat si Jazz nii. Jom park sini! Masukkan kereta, reverse, pusing2 stereng, maju kehadapan dan undur kebelakang. Dengan bantuan Thar. Apehal susah sangat kereta nak rapat ke tepi niii. Apehal kereta lain boleh je rapat ke tepi? Camne diorg buat? Tried again. Tak rapat lagi. Org kat luar dah start pandang2 dah. Maluuu. Okay I gave up. Fail side parking! Carik parking lain.

I suggested Old Town White Coffee.
*Reminiscing memories. Sobss*

Okay, let's call it a day. Goodnight, world!

p/s: Please please please I want my ODM back..!! :(

Thursday, November 25, 2010

2nd year already ah??

My my.. How time flies. Pejam celik pejam celik dah setahun berlalu.. Feel like baru semalam masuk MSU. I still remember how it was quite a struggle to live in a windowless small cubicle room for 4 (which my Mom defines it as "gua", yes that was my hostel). The hardest was to adapt myself to stay in a 24/7 airconditioned room, no fan, no choice, except aircond. I had to study sambil bungkus dalam comforter and pakai stokin, and sweater, sometimes. I'm okay with airconds, really, I'm more than happy to be in a room with them, but if they get too much, then I'll get offended. Too bad, turning off the aircond will drown us in uncirculated air! Remember my room is windowless?? While letting the door open, would bring distraction to us, you see people walking along the corridor? Great, so no solution other than to tutup pintu and pasang aircond. :)
Owh, and TV was absent (which I'm only care when I'm stressed). So, no biggie sangatt!

I can sayyy, I learnt a lot throughout my first year. About studies, friendships, families, relationships and who I was (or "who I am", I might not have changed in certain parts), personally. And the struggle, the heartbreak, the devastation, the stress, the fight, the acceptance, the difference, the adaptation, the downer, the tears, the giving up. Ya Allah, ni baruu first year, belum final year lagii. -_-"

Yeah, that was when I first came here as a freshman. :D

Now it's been a week since I became a sophomore. My first year result, Alhamdulillah.. Though quite far from the best, but I managed to get beyond what i targetted. Thank you Allah, for giving me more than I asked. :') Thank you to my parents, families, friends and lecturers for supporting me, and helping me a lot. Hanya Allah dpt membalas. :)

Now I'm living in a much comfy hostel, a 2 room apartment with plenty of windows. No more a windowless, fan-less cubical room. No aircond though, but I can sleep soundlyy. But masa first2 baru pindah tu, bukak kipas paling maksima tapi berpeluh2 jugak lah tidur malam saya dibuatnya. Hehe. Now, dah tak berpeluh daaahhh. :)

Alhamdulillah my housemates juga baik2 belaka, and we get along well. Love both of youu lahh! :)

Howeverrr, semester ini agak menakutkan. My friends semua cakap, 2nd year susaaahhh. And I always get this creepy feeling whenever I look at the subjects I took for this semester.

Clinical Microbiology
Clinical Biochemistry
Basic Pathology
Immunology & Serology
English for General Purposes

Ya Allah, will I be able to do it?? Will I be able to score?? T_T

All I'm hoping for is the best. The best. The best. The best in everything. Ameen~

p/s: Assignment dah ada, homework pun dah adaa.. I'm out for lunch, and do my work afterwards. Today's class begin at 6pm-8pm. Pretty weird eh?? Have a nice day, people!! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Bakat dikurnia jangan disalah guna
Jangan kufur nikmat yang diberi percuma
Guna kelebihan untuk hikmah bersama
Jagalah nama hidup penuh pementasan dan drama
Ada berisi ada yang kurus,ada melencong ada yang lurus bukan semuanya tulus
Ada sempurna ada kurang upaya ada yang jadi buta hanya bila sudah kaya
Sebesar rumah bermula dengan sekecil bata,boleh hilang dalam sekelip mata
Ucaplah Alhamdulillah bukannya sukar, kerna semua nak kaya atau besar
tetap Allahuakbar!

Jadikanlah ku tentera Fisabilillah yang tertera di kalimah harap memanduilah
Entah apabila persimpangan tiba,hidup penuh rintangan harus kuhadapinya
Harapku tidak terlupa diri bila gembira,dan cuma mula mencari Kau disaat hiba
Ku cuma manusia penuh dengan kesilapan tapi bisa membezakan cahaya dan kegelapan
Tabah bila dihalangan duri onak dan cobaan
Teguh bila dicobakan keruh kuasa dan perempuan
Sentiasa legar diminda,dikejar dan dipinta dari zaman bermula hingga ke akhirnya
Ku mengerti siapa ku tanpaMu disisi dan apa guna posesi juga posisi
Sementara ini cuma hanya puisi,nukilan tulisan dan bisikan isi hati
Mencari keterangan,menjiwai peranan menepati pesanan janji juga saranan
Alhamdulillah atas kurniaan rezeki,moga tidak terleka dalam perjalanan ini

Aku yang memandang di dalam lubuk hati,mencari-cari zat rahsia yang katanya tersembunyi
Aku yang melihat alam meliputi wujud menyertai lalu ku pindahkan alam ke dalam mata hati
Aku hakiki,aku mengerti segala yang terjadi di langit dan di bumi
Gunanya tiada fantasi, pelik dan benar,qada' dan qadar Kau berilah ku kekuatan
agar dapat ku hindarkan segala kesesatan
Usah Kau biar nafsuku terliur dari pandangan majazi ini,
Aku yang hodoh lagi hina amat benar merindui
Moga cahaya lailatul tak membutakan mataku,semoga segala puji tak ku meninggi diri
Moga segala janji dapat juga ku penuhi,moga dapatku hadapi tikaman dari belakang
lidah setajam pisau, ku tidak akan risau dengan dugaan,cabaran sepanjang perjalanan
ku pasrah ku akur 7,8,6 Alhamdulillah syukur..

[Alhamdulillah by Too Phat]

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Call

I was lepak-ing peacefully in my parents' room watching tv.

*my phone rang*

I looked at the screen. Unsurprised. Urggghh.
Quickly switched it to the silent mode.
Then the ringing paused a while.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! It vibrated.

Then, stopped itself.

Bzzz! Bzzz! bzzz! Again.

Silence. Peace.

And Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! Again?


Mama asked, "Sape tu..? Kenapa tak angkat..?"

I answered her lazily while trying to find the most polite excuse,
"Hmm. Malas... takde mood nak ckp phone ngan sesape today..Kalau sms, Syireen boleh je reply.. Boring lah kalau borak on the phone everyday..."

Mama said, "Kalau everyday dgn kawan2 lain, tak bosan punn..?"

I protested, "Mana ada.. kawan2 lain takde pun call Syireen everyday mcmtuu."

Mama replied, with a motherly advice, "Tak baik buat org mcm tu.. Nanti org buat kat kita nanti.."

before she stepped into the toilet.

Her words made me stared at the closed wooden toilet door for a while.


Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

Startled. Turned to my phone that was lying there so weakly, as if asking my sympathy to be picked and answered.

I grabbed it, and pushed the green button.

"Hello, Assalamualaikum.." trying to sound as bubbly as possible.

while walking out of my parents room and into my room.

To seek privacy, I guess.

In my room, talking with the person calling.

Talked about a lot of things. Including our movie date.

I actually had fun talking and listening, I mean, genuinely, yes, it was fun,

and I was laughing and smiling seikhlas hati tak hengat dunia!


the caller asked me,

"Why didnt you reply my fb msg? You're always like that.."

with sulking voice.

I was like. Err.

Suddenly I remembered Mama's words,

and then I felt like crying...!!!!

Ya Allah.. Sumpah rasa nak nangesss!!

I felt soooooo guiltyyyy!!

I heard my inner voice saying,

I'm sorrryyyyyyy!!! I was bad...!!! I was mean for treating you that way.

Ya Allah. Maafkan hambamu ini. Sesungguhnya insan yg sedang bercakap telefon dgnku ini tersangat lah innocent. Ampunkan lah segala kejahatan yg telah aku lakukan, ya Allah..

I tried to hide my about-to-cry voice and I answered calmly, giving the best answer I could think of and deeply, very deeply, apologised.

And my apology accepted.

Phewh.. Alhamdulillah..

And we continued chatting, laughing until "Bubbye, Assalamualaikum.."

then only I realized, we had talked for almost an hour.

And a smile still sticked on my face until I walked back into my parents' room.

After Mama had done with solat Isya' and sunat, she asked me, "Lama borak.."

And I answered, "A'ah...tetiba rasa best plak borak tadi..tak sedar pun sampai sejam.."

with a biiiig grin! :D

"But perhaps you hate a thing although it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing although it is bad for you.
Allah knows, while you do not know."

{Al-Baqarah: 216}

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oi, I wanna meet you!

I'm not surprised, not everything lasts
I've broken my heart so many times, I stopped keeping track
Talk myself in, I talk myself out
I get all worked up, then I let myself down

I tried so very hard not to lose it
I came up with a million excuses
I thought, I thought of every possibility

And I know someday that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work, so we can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid, that I give so much more than I get
I just haven't met you yet

I might have to wait, I'll never give up
I guess it's half timing, and the other half's luck
Wherever you are, whenever it's right
You'll come out of nowhere and into my life

And I know that we can be so amazing
And, baby, your love is gonna change me
And now I can see every possibility

And somehow I know that it'll all turn out
You'll make me work, so we can work to work it out
And I promise you, kid, I give so much more than I get
I just haven't met you yet

They say all's fair
In love and war
But I won't need to fight it
We'll get it right and we'll be united

And I know that we can be so amazing
And being in your life is gonna change me
And now I can see every single possibility

And someday I know it'll all turn out
And I'll work to work it out
Promise you, kid, I'll give more than I get
Than I get, than I get, than I get

Oh, you know it'll all turn out
And you'll make me work so we can work to work it out
And I promise you kid to give so much more than I get
Yeah, I just haven't met you yet

I just haven't met you yet
Oh, promise you, kid
To give so much more than I get

I said love, love, love, love
Love, love, love, love
(I just haven't met you yet)
Love, love, love, love
Love, love
I just haven't met you yet


Saturday, November 6, 2010

They look pretty, pretty bad for your health.

Lately terasa macam nak pakai heels pulak. But but I don't have any heels. Not even a single pair. None. Zero. Nada.

Yes, I'm telling you the truth.

What? You saw me wearing 3-inch heels?? Aw, that was my mom's, fyi.

I'm serious. Por favor, trust me..! Grr!

*jenguk my rak kasut*

Pumps...pumps...pumps....flat sandals...flat slipper....wedges...pumps....flats lagii...
Hurrrmmmm. *yawn*


So, I decided to browse the net! eBay..!! Since I found it to be the most easy place to find stuff. Just type "heels" then search, and tadaa! hundreds, or sometimes, thousands come out. *wink*

And wuuu. That looks nice! but too pricey.. Naahh!
Owh, thats cheap cheap cheap! But why is it so ugly??

Browse and browse. And suddenly my eyes were glued! To this!
A 7-inch heels???!!! Who on earth would want to wear thiss??!!

Is this picture for real?? or maybe just a piece of edited picture trying to cheat our eyes?

Well, it was on sale. So, guess it's real huh??

Whoever wants to wear this, has to lift her foot up to an angle of almost 90 degrees!


After seeing that heels, I didn't feel that much satisfied. So I googled.

And guess what i found?? Yes, I found even more super crazy high heels!!

And the winner goes to......*drum roll*

Mihai Albu 12-inch heels!!





Don't you love your backboneS??

Even if they give them to me for free, I won't wear those!!


"If people value their health, avoid these killer heels at all costs - they're not worth the risk",
-The Mirror quoted Health And fitness chief Dax Moy, as saying.

Hmm. Better stick to the boring me, ah guess.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

What do you wanna be??

I want to be an ENTREPRENEUR


Mom: What???!! Then what for u amek science courses all this while???



Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Syawal 1431H

Wishing all muslims
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

May the Guidence and Blessings of Allah be with me and my family as well.. Aminn.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Patience is always a virtue.

There are times when I look into myself and I find nothing. There are times when I look around me and I see nobody. There are times when I feel so empty.

Yes, I smile. I laugh. I chat. I nag. I sleep. I eat. Living up my routine with the people of my life. They love me, I love them, we talk, we have fun when we have the chance. But when the night arrives, there'll come a time when I just need to cry and cry. The feelings, the pain, the loneliness. Sometimes I wish I could share them with someone. But then I realized sometimes, it's better to keep everything to myself, and Him. He knows everything, everything that I'm feeling, every single thing that I'm hiding behind these smiles I'm faking.
To Him I beg, I cry, I ask.

When will I find the true happiness? When will I stop crying over things that are hard to be explained? How long do I have to go through all this?

No answers yet.

All I see was a piece of sticky note with just a single word on it.
Simple yet powerful word that has been keeping me strong all this while.
That is, "SABAR".
And I gained a little strength.

Keep on reminding myself, there's no giving up in life. I won't let myself give up no matter how hard, how heavy, how painful, how daunting the tests are, I won't stop praying hoping to find the happiness I've been longing for. Believe there'll be a light at the end of this tunnel. I just have to keep walking and I know I'm not walking alone. He is and will always be with me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baju Raya Hunting! Too early, no??

Day 14 of Ramadhan, and I've just started...BAJU RAYA hunting!! Yeay!! Do you think it's too early?? or too late?? Hmm.. I think, for those yang beli ready made (like me), it's too early lah kalau nak beli baju raya sekarang.. Dont cha think?? Kalau tempah, tu lain cerita lah, sebab kena beli kain and kena tempah even a few months before puasa start to avoid kes "baju raya tak siap".

Actually masa start2 puasa tu, Mama dah tanya dah.. "Syireen baju raya tahun ni beli tak?"

"Hmm.. tak beli kott.. Pakai je lah apa yang ada.. banyak baju yang Syireen baru pakai sekali dua, so, pakai yang jarang2 pakai tu je lah..membazir plak kalau beli..Baju Syireen kan dah banyak.."

(Cece, penjimat lah konon) :p

Pastu tetiba Mama cakap, "Eh, nape taknak beli..beli lah at least sepasang."

(Whoa! berbunga2 gila hati! tapi control2.. haha)

"Tapi kan last2 year Mama cakap Syireen dah banyak baju, dah tak payah beli dah.. Membazir kalau beli lagi..takpe.. Syireen boleh je pakai baju2 last year..Tak kisah punn.."

(touching lah konon.. hehe)

Mama cakap, "Beli lah baju raya k? Lagipun, dah ayah nak belanja..takkan nak tolak pulak.."

Oh YESSSS!! Dapat greenlight beli baju raya! Ingatkan tahun ni tak dapat baju baru. Dah habes pasrah and redha dah, tetiba dapat pulaak! YEAY!!


Maka, bermula lah baju raya hunting saya. Rasa macam nak pakai baju plain all white lah tahun ni. Taknak ada corak2, cuma nak ada manik2 kat leher and lengan dia. Yes, simple sahaja. Ngee~

Hanaa cakap, "Awak nak kahwin ke apa pakai kaler putih semua siap ngan manik2 tu sume?!"

Haha! Pengantin je ke yang bley pakai baju putih and manik2? Tapi, betul jugak kann. Mcm baju akad nikah pulak kalau kaler putih semua and manik2.. :p

tapi, I dont care!! Nak kaler putih jugak! and banyak manikss! hehe

Tadi dah pegi PKNS jalan2 survey baju.. Banyak gak terjumpa baju kaler all white, tapi ada yang manik dia kurang menarik.. Terjumpa yang manik dia cantik tapi, kain dia plak bercorak. I want ALL WHITE. Kaler baju and manik2 kat leher and lengan dah cantik dah, tapi kain...SPOIL! Grr. takpelah, carik lain. Pastu terjumpa 1 baju nii!! Ya Allah, cantik GILA! Manik dia sangat MEMUKAU! tersangat amat cun!


Takde kaler putih!

Ada kaler peach, baby pink, baby blue.

Takde putih!

and harga dia,


Aaaaaaa! :(


Hmmmmm... I guess kalau tak pakai kaler putih tahun ni pun takpe kott. Pakai kaler baby pink pun ok gak kott. Kaler putih KIV untuk tahun depan. Amacam?? hehehe


p/s: Nak pegi survey kat tempat lain plak. Ampang Park next! Woot woot!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The so called "unknown" is now "known"!

I just found out that my very good buddies ada blogs, and they didn't let us know! After a very looonnng time, and after dah berlambak entry yg mereka post kat blog tu, baru nak bgtau?? How can you..? Ni yang nak merajuk ni! Now that I know, I AM SOO GONNA FOLLOW YOU GUYS! Heh! Bwekk! :p
Though I tengah nak merajuk dgn diorang, but I can't deny the fact that I was happy they have got themselves a blog. It's not that I wanna stalk, but yeah, maybe some people call it stalking, but NO..! It's not stalking! Not when it comes to blog! Reading people's blog is not stalking! You see, we read other people's blogs because they share stories, stuffs, etc etc. and from there, we can gain some knowledge or useful thoughts, advices, pengajaran based on their experiences, and yada yada. Kann. As for me and my friends, we hardly can meet each other. Takkan nak call them everyday just to keep updated on their daily activity kann? (Koyak lah poket nak beli top up!) And sometimes, there will be things that can't be put into spoken words, right? Like sometimes, we just dont know with whom to share, to let out what we think, our opinions, what so ever. And sometimes, those things that we wanna deliver don't meant for anyone pun, no one specifically. It's for everyone, anyone, random. Right? So blog will be the right place to spill it all out and spread it, at cheaper cost. If you get what I mean. hehe.
Gosh, apa yang aku bebel ni?
Ok2. To all blog readers, YOU ARE NOT A STALKER. So, just chillax ok! Cuz I am a stalker, err, I mean, a BLOG READER too! ;)
To all bloggers, do expect my visit yeah!

p/s: Sharing is caring :)

"Syireen is caring" pun boleh jugak!

You're here finally!

Ya Ramadhan.. There you are!! We've been waiting for you.. Been missing you.. Soo glad that we finally met! Alhamdulillah..

Tapi the sad part is

Saya. Masih Berdarah.

Sedih okayy. Orang lain sume pegi terawikh tadi, borak2 bout nak sahur apa and everything, yet me, tak boleh puasa on the very first day of puasa.. Ya Allah. Sedih.
*Down* (lagi).
Cepat lah keringggg!! :(

Oh oh oh! Now I'm at my bestie's place, Arfah. Will be sleeping over here tonite. Yes, post exam period makes me feel soo bahagia sebab I can merayap-rayap.

Yesterday, Ashley called me, so we discussed about HANAA's SURPRISE BIRTHDAY BASH! It will be on this Friday after berbuka, insyaAllah..Hopefully Hanaa tak bukak my blog ni, if not, habes lah kantoii! So we've got the rough plan on mind already, like the place, what we're gonna do, how to make it a surprise, who to invite, the cake, the present and yada yada. So, today, I called Arfah and discussed with her pulak, asking her if she has anything that she'd love to add on that could upgrade the party from good to AWESOME! ;p

Right after, we decided to pergi OU to carik the stuff, whatever we need. We went in to Toys'R'Us, (I can sit there for HOURS without feeling bored, I tell ya! hehe) childish eh? Whatever, we were looking for baloonssss!! We wanna have loads of balloon around on that day! I wanted to buy the "pret-pret" thingy, you know the ones that when we blow, dia kuar bunyik "Preetttttt!!"?? you know? yeah, so I wanted to buy thatt!! Like, make some noise, bebeh..!! Tapiii, tadi benda tu kat situ mcm mahal sangat. So, beli belon je lah. 50 round balloons+few red heart shaped baloons. I'm gonna find that 'pret-pret' thingy kat tempat lain yg lagi murah! hehe

Ok present pulak, bought already! 3 choices, we picked the one that was mostly voted. Arfah and Ashley suka this baju, while i liked that baju, so they won, we bought that baju lahh. Urmphh. I don't mind.. that baju pun cantik jugak actually! haha. Orang selalu cakap my taste and my picks selalu yang macam weird2. Reallyyy??? Haha. What to do. Being weird is SPECIAL. Eh?? :p

Ok, enough for today. Arfah wanna borrow my laptop now. Gonna update later, see ya!!

Chop chop! Did I tell y'all that my ex's dad (Arfah's uncle) is here as well, he tidur sini jugak tonite. What a coincidence! He naik my car tadi, we picked him up first before pegi rumah Arfah. Woot woot! Hehe. Ok2, behave Syireen, behave.. :p

p/s: I got his number already! Thanks to Muhaimin for helping us out! Tapi nak ajak ke tak eh?? Cuz, he's our VIP guest! Ehem2. ;) Tapi dia kan pegi terawikh.. Nak ajak ke tak?? Hmmm.... Arfah, Ashleyy! How laahh??

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exam & Lipas?? Not a good combination!

Exam. Exam. Exam.

Biochemistry Done!
English Language Awareness Done!
Anatomy & Physiology Done!
Basic Microbiology Done!

4 down, 1 more to go! Yess!
Memandangkan this week adalah exam week, maka this week adalah stress week.
Stress? Urgh, dislike that word.

Actually, takde lah rasa stress sangat pun. Macam biasa jee. Tapi, tiba2, terBOCOR!
Heyyy!! Baru 11 hari lepas mandi wajib, dah berdarah balik?? What the fish????

Okay Hormones, you had just made a solid statement that I am stress. I wont deny it anymore. Okayyy, I get it. I AM STRESS. Thanks.

Dah lah tengah excited nak sambut Ramadhan, dah berangan macam2. Nak first day sahur dengan Mama lah, nak solat terawikh kat situ lah, nak berbuka makan itu lah, ini lah.. Hmm. *Down*

Hopefully before 1st Ramadhan, dah boleh mandi wajib. Amiin.


Nak start cerita lipas.

Malam tu, me and my roommate, Suhed, tgh study kat living room. Lagi sorang housemate, Thara, tgh makan roti canai banjir kat sebelah kitorang. Kitorang pun borak punya borak, tgh2 syok2 borak, tiba2, ada lah sekor makhluk kecik ni (nampak mcm belalang) terbang lintas depan kitorang. Apa lagi, melompat kitorang cabut lari! Sambil menjerit! Saya lari masuk bilik saya, Suhed lari masuk bilik Thara, kunci pintu! Thara?? Err. Tak tau, tak nampak plak Thara masuk bilik or toilet tadi. Pastu dari dalam bilik, Suhed jerit

"Amende tu yg terbang??",
Saya jawab, "Belalang kann?"

Pastu kitorang hulurkan kepala dari dalam bilik,

Thara cakap, "Lipas lah weiii"

Haaaa?? Lipas?? Tak nampak mcm lipas pun tadi. Ok. Lipas. Aaaaaa!! Camne niii.

Spray mana, spray?? Lepas dah ada spray kat tangan, baru berani keluar dari bilik. Ha, mana lipas tu, mana??

"Tuuu, kat atas laptop kau," Thara bagitau.

Kitorang dua2 terpandang Thara, pelik! Apa dia buat kat ceruk balcony tu sambil pegang tikar petak besar yang kitorang dah gulung cantik2 hari tu??

"Korang lah nii. Masuk bilik tinggalkan aku, nasib baik ada tikar ni, aku protect diri aku guna tikar ni"


Kesiannya Thara..


Ok2, Suhed, Syireen. Enough gelakkan Thara. Sorry tergelak, Kelakar tengok muka Thara pucat lesi kat belakang tikar busuk tuu. Haha :p

Lipas tu kat atas laptop lagii. Sheessssh! Tunggu, tunggu.. tunggu sampai lipas tu atas lantai, finally, pssssstttttt! Hah! Mati pun kau! Spray lagi, spray banyak2! Puas hati aku!

Musuh dah terbalik. Phewh! Penatnya. Berpeluh2 berperang ngan lipas. Penat jerit, penat lari, penat gelak! Lepas dah settle semua, kitorang berkumpul balik kat meja, nak sambung study lah konon. Thara nak sambung makan roti canai dia yg tergendala sebentar tadi.
FYI, kami bertiga fobia lipas ye. Harap maklum.

Moral of the story:
Pelik kan, how selfish we can be when it comes to lipas terbang, sampai sanggup tinggalkan kawan semata2 nak selamatkan diri sendiri? Hee. ;)

p/s: Lipas buat saya penat. Camne nak study utk exam? :(
*alasan semata2* :p

Friday, June 11, 2010


Someone once told me that you have to choose
What you win or lose, you can’t have everything
Don’t you take chances, you might feel the pain
Don’t you love in vain cause love won’t set you free
I could stand by the side and watch this life pass me by
So unhappy, but safe as could be

So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge
My feet run out of ground?

I gotta find my place
I wanna hear my sound
Don’t care about all the pain in front of me
Cause I’m just trying to be happy
Just wanna be happy

Holding on tightly, just can't let it go
Just trying to play my role, slowly disappear,
But all these days, I feel like they’re the same
Just different faces, different names
Get me out of here
I can’t stand by your side,
Watch this life pass me by, pass me by

So any turns that I can’t see
Like I'm a stranger on this road
But don’t say victim, don’t say anything

I just wanna be happy

Leona Lewis

Monday, May 31, 2010


Assalamualaikum.. Lama tak bagi salam.. Hal2 keduniaan buat saya lalai tentang perkara yg easy peasy seperti memberi salam

yg membawa seribu satu rahmat kepada sesiapa yg ringan mulut mengucapkannya juga kepada yang ringan mulut untuk menjawabnya..

Entry kali ini dimulakan dengan sekuntum senyuman yg di-stretch dari telinga kanan ke telinga kiri dengan seikhlas hati.


Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat Ilahi hidup saya kini dipenuhi dgn ketenangan dan kebahagiaan yg saya sendiri tak dapat nak describe how, what, why, when, where. I seriously have no idea. Cuma kalimah Alhamdulillah yg terlahir dari hati kecil saya ni.

Almost 7 bulan saya di MSU, now saya sedang bergoyang kaki serta tangan dan badan di rumah bersama Mama tersayang. Cuti 2 minggu sebelum masuk semester baru.

Fikiran saya lapang. Tenang. Bebas dari kekusutan yang melampau.
Saya gembira. Bahagia. Bersyukur.

Harapan saya, moga ketenangan ini kekal bersemadi di dalam diri, hati serta minda saya walau apa pun yang terjadi lepas ni. Amiinn.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hari ini.
Saya menangis.

Ya Allah.

I wanna be a billionaire soo freaking BAD!

And buy all of the things I never had!

Me being materialistic?? RARELY really!


Saturday, May 1, 2010


"What is the meaning of life??"
Now that's the killing question! sape nak jawab, angkat tangan!! Hmmm.

Mama cakap, "Life is full of uncertainty, just take it easy."

Hanaa cakap, "Life is about keep moving on, no point dwelling on your past."

Arfah cakap, "Our life and future are fated, so just do our very best and don't worry."

Ashraf cakap, "Life is not as daunting as it seems."

Safwan cakap, "Life is not fair, but love is."

but "love" tu apa pulak?? ok, that's a different story. taknak cakap topik tu!

Islam cakap, "Life is only a test or trial for the individual to show him his true nature it is only natural that he would accept death as not so much an ending to everything but more as a beginning of the final and lasting life in the Hereafter."

Teringat Ustaz Marzuki pernah cakap, "Hidup manusia di dunia ibarat musafir, cuma singgah untuk sementara waktu je. Yang kekal itu di akhirat sana. Tujuan kita bermusafir di dunia adalah untuk mengumpul seberapa banyak bekalan utk kita berbahagia di akhirat."


As for me, life sometimes can be very complicated. We don't always get what we want, our wishes don't always come true, the most unexpected things happen throughout, we tend to lose grip, we might be at wits end in finding the best solution to our problems.

But then, we'll realize that all complications, adversities, heartaches, failures are actually petanda Allah sayang pada kita, ingat pada kita, dan rindu pada kita dan jika kita sabar, tabah dan kuat menghadapi segala ujian hidup yang diberikan, insyaAllah akan ada ganjaran yang lebih baik untuk kita di kemudian hari.
Bukankah Allah itu Maha Pengasih, Maha Penyayang, Maha Mengetahui, Maha Adil lagi Maha Berkuasa??

Bukankah, bukankah?? :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

less and less!

Since everyday I love you less and less
unless, unless
I know, I feel it in my bones
I'm sick, I'm tired of staying in control
Oh yes, I feel a rat upon a wheel
I've got to know what's not and what's real
Oh yes, I'm stressed, I'm sorry I digressed.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Of Me and Him

Suatu pagi aku terbangun dan berpeluang melihat mentari terbit. Aaah.. kecantikan alam ciptaan Allah memang tiada tolok bandingnya. Sedang aku memerhati, aku puji Tuhan atas segala keindahan yang telah Dia sajikan. Aku duduk dan terasa kehadiranNya di sisiku.

Dia bertanya kepadaku, “Adakah kamu mencintai Aku?” Aku menjawab, “Sudah tentu! Engkaulah Penciptaku, masakan aku tidak mencintaiMu.” Kemudian Dia bertanya lagi, “Jika kamu ditakdirkan cacat anggota, adakah kamu akan mencintaiKu?” Aku tergamam seketika. Aku lihat tangan,kaki dan seluruh anggotaku; aku teringat pelbagai kerja yang mustahil aku lakukan tanpa anggotaku ini yang selama ini tidak kusedari kepentingannya.

Kemudian aku jawab, “Tentunya ia amat sukar bagiku, tetapi aku akan tetap mencintaiMu.” Kemudian Dia bertanya lagi, “Jika kamu ditakdirkan buta, adakah kamu akan menyayangi segala ciptaanKu?” Bagaimana mungkin bagiku untuk mencintai sesuatu yang di dunia ini yang tak mampu aku lihat? Kemudian aku berfikir...ramai orang yang ditakdirkan buta di dunia ini, dan mereka masih mencintai Allah dan segala ciptaanNya. Lantas aku menjawab, “Amat sukar bagiku membayangkan keadaanku yang sedemikina rupa, namun begitu aku akan tetap menyintaimu Ya Allah.”

Dia bertanya lagi, “Jika kamu ditakdirkan pekak, adakah kamu akan tetap mendengar kepada kata-kataKu?” Bagaimana mungkin bagiku mendengar jika aku pekak? Kemudian akutersedar bahawa mendengar itu tidak semestinya menggunakan telinga; tetapimenggunakan hati. Aku jawab, “Walaupun takdir itu amat berat bagiku, namun aku akan tetap menyintaiMu.”

Dia menyambung lagi persoalanNya, “Jika kamu ditakdirkan bisu adakah kamu akan terus memujiKu?” Aku tertanya lagi, bagaimana aku boleh memuji tanpa suara? Aku terfikir kemudian yang Allah mahu kita memujiNya dari dalam hati dan jiwa kita; tidak penting bagaimanakah bunyinya. Kemudian aku menjawab, “Sungguhpun aku tidak mampu untuk mambunyikan pujian bagiMu, aku akan tetap memujiMu.” Dan...

Dia terus bertanya lagi, “Adakah kamu benar-benar menyintaiKu?” dengan nada yang tegas dan penuh keberanian. Aku jawab dengan yakin, “Ya, benar Tuhanku, aku menyintaimu kerana Engkaulah satu-satunya Tuhanku dan Tuhan yang sebenar!” Aku fikir jawapanku tadi sudah cukup bagus untuk menjawab soalanNya tadi, tetapi Dia terus bertanyakan lagi, “Kalau begitu kenapa kamu masih melakukan dosa?” Aku jawab, “Kerana aku cuma manusia bisa yang selalu lalai; aku tidak sempurna...aku bukan maksum.”

“Kalau begitu, kenapa ketika kamu senang dan gembira...kamu lupakanKu; kamu lari jauh daripadaKu? Dan kenapa ketika kamu susah dan mahukan bantuan...kamu terus ingat kepada Aku; kamu datang dekat dan merayu kepada Aku?”

Aku tidak mampu berkata-kata. Yang kusedari...titisan panas turun membasahi pipiku. Dia sambung lagi, “Mengapa kamu buat begini...kadang-kadang sujud menyembahKu, dan kemudian membelakangiKu; tidak pedulikanKu? Mengapa kamu hanya datang mencariKu hanya ketika kamu nengingatiKu? Mengapa kamu meminta kepadaKu sedang kamu tidak setia kepadaKu?” Kurasakan titisan panas mengalir deras membasahi pipiku tanpa henti. “Mengapa kamu malu kepadaKu? Mengapa kamu tidak mahu menyebarkan suruhanKu? Mengapa ketika kamu dizalimi kamu adukan kepada yang lain sedang Aku sedia mendengar segala rintihanmu? Mengapa kamu sering membuat alasan ketika Aku memberimu peluang untuk berkhidmat di jalanKu?”

Ku gagahi bibirku untuk mengucapkan patah-patah perkataan bagi menjawab segala soalan yang bertubi-tubi diajukan kepadaku. Tetapi aku tidak punyai jawapan bagi persoalan-persoalan tadi. Lidahku yang selama ini lancar berkata-kata, kini kelu. Otakku ligat mencari jawapan... atau alasan... namun tiada apa yang kutemui sebagai jawapan. Dia berkata-kata lagi...

“Kamu diberikan sebuah kehidupan. Aku jadikan dalam dirimu keistimewaan dan kelebihan berbanding orang lain untuk kamu berjuang di jalanKu, tetapi kamu tetap berpaling dari jalanKu. Aku tunjukkan kepadamu kata-kataKu sebagai panduan kamu dalam hidup ini, tetapi kamu tidak mahu mempelajari atau menghayatinya. Acap kali Aku berkata-kata kepadamu, tetapi kamu berpaling daripada melihatnya. Aku turunkan kepada kamu pesuruhKu, tetapi kamu tidak ambil peduli ketika sunnahnya ditinggalkan. Aku dengar segala permintaan dan rayuanmu kepadaKu... dan semuanya telah Aku perkenankan dengan pelbagai cara.”

SambungNya lagi, “Kini... adakah kamu menyintaiKu?” Aku tidak mampu menjawabnya lagi. Bagaimana harus aku jawab persoalan ini.. Dalam tak sedar, aku malu dengan segala apa yang telah aku lakukan selama ini. Aku tidak lagi punya alasan bagi menyelamatkan diriku. Apa yang boleh aku jawab bagi persoalan itu? Ketika hatiku berteriak menangis, dan bercucuran airmata mengalir turun di kedua-dua belah pipiku, aku merintih, “Oh Tuhanku... ampunkanlah segala dosaku. Aku tidak layak menjadi hambaMu Ya Allah...” ..Kemudian Dia menjawab, “Sifatku pengampun...barangsiapa yang memohon keampunan dariKu, nescaya Aku ampunkannya. Dan Aku ampunkan kamu wahai hambaKu.”

Aku bertanya kepadaNya, “Mengapa Engkau tetap mengampunkanku sungguhpun aku melakukan kesalahan berulangkali dan memohon ampun berulangkali? Sampai begitu sekalikah cintaMu terhadapku?” Dia menjawab “Kerana kamu adalah ciptaanKu. Aku sekali-kali tidak akan mengabaikanmu. Apabila kamu menangis aku akan bersimpati kepadamu dan mendengar segala rintihanmu. Apabila kamu melonjak kegirangan Aku akan turut gembira dengan kegembiraanmu. Apabila kamu berasa gundah dan kesepian, Aku akan memberikanmu semangat. Apabila kamu jatuh Aku akan membangkitkanmu. Apabila kamu keletihan Aku akan membantumu. Aku akan tetap bersama-samamu hinggalah ke hari yang akhir dan Aku akan menyayangimu selama-lamanya.”

Seingat aku... aku tidak pernah menangis sebegini. Aku sendiri tidak mengerti kenapa hatiku ini begitu keras; tidak mampu menangis menyesali segala dosaku selama ini. Dan..buat kali pertamanya dalam hidupku ini... aku benar-benar solat dalam ertikata yang sebenar. Ya Allah..betapa indahnya dapat merasakan kehadiran-Mu di setiap waktu..


ampunkanlah segala dosaku

maafkanlah kejahilan hambaMu
Ku sering melanggar laranganMu
Dalam sedar ataupun tidak
Ku sering meninggalkan suruhanMu
Walau sedar aku milikMu

Bilakah diri ini kan kembali
Kepada fitrah sebenar
Pagi kuingat petang kualpa
Begitulah silih berganti

Oh Tuhanku kau pimpinlah diri ini
Yang mendamba CintaMu
Aku lemah aku jahil
Tanpa pimpinan dariMu
Kau pengasih Kau penyayang
Kepada hamba-hambaMu
Selangkah ku kepadaMu
Seribu langkah Kau padaku

Ku sering berjanji di hadapanMu
Ku sering jua memungkiri
Ku pernah menangis keranaMu
Kemudian ketawa semula
Kutakut kepadaMu
Ku mengharap jua padaMu

Mogakukan selamat dunia akhirat
Seperti rasul dan sahabat

p/s: Thanks to for the article.