Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm already 18!!! yes, I am!!!

Sunday,19 April 2009

Tick tock tick tock tick tock.... “I thought love was only true in fairytales~ meant for someone else but not for me~” My phone rang, i picked up.. and i heard “Syireen, this is Sathisan.. happy birthday!!” happy birthday??? I glanced at the clock.. almost 12a.m...OMG, i almost forgot! Today is my birthday!!!! hard to believe it, but im already 18, bebeh...!! Woohoo!!!

after a lil chit chat with him, we hung up.. then my phone cried.... “Ayam goreng....!!!!!” another birthday wish from my friend and another one and another one and another one.... i can’t stop smiling and i cant stop saying ‘’gracias muchachas” to all of them... =)

when i woke up in the morning, i got out of my room to check on my parents.. i saw my dad in his room arranging his old bunch of files when i wished him good morning.. and then he turned to me.. he straightaway sang a birthday song for me.. like he always did every year.. then he said “babygirl bangun lambat...” i replied,”babygirl?? I’m not a baby anymore.. I’m 18... ” he said,”u’re still a baby to me.. and i still have to control you..” then i pretended to sulk, then smile.. leaving the room to wish good morning to mama downstairs.. my mom was sitting at her usual place watching a Chinese cooking show (cooking shows have always been her fav, and don't ever dream of getting to change the channel!) with Pit and Potty (our cats) lying there as if it is their katil.. comfy huh? Sibuk jek! I’ve to sit on the floor cuz they were conquering the place.. anyhow, i still love them so much! and I wondered until when my parents gonna think that i'm still a little girl.... but it's ok by me.. so long as they're happy.. :)

In the afternoon, we went to kenduri kahwin! First time on my birthday i went to kenduri kahwin.. what a laugh! But as long as my tummy kenyang and i could eat for free, i don’t mind..im already happy enough! =)

After Maghrib, my family went out to celebrate my birthday.. well, just a simple celebration.. and instead of celebrating it with cake, we celebrated it with sushi!!! Yummy...
And here are some of the shots~

After finished eating, i was sent back to my hostel.. i arrived around 11pm... and tadaaa!!!!! Hanaa made a big moist choc cake topped with choc cream for me!!! yay!!! my favourite!!! thank you so much darl!!! susah2 je... ;)

My Picks for the Day:
  1. Hamachi Sashimi- Raw Salmon meat cicah kicap masin.. sangat sedap!!
  2. Rock n Roll- Beef rolled mazzarella cheese and mushroom sauteed with onion butter..it sounds western but it's japanese!
  3. Baked Salmon Temaki- heavenly delicious though a bit spicy..
  4. Hanaa's moist choc cake- simply can't get enough of!
  5. All the birthday wishes i got from my beloved friends!
  6. All the gifts i got from my parent and my friends!

My Pickels for the Day:

  1. Wasabi ice cream.. padan muka to me cuz ngada2 pegi order benda pelik2 mcm tu..
  2. A hidden big slice of CARROT inside the Unagi Roll... ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!
  3. the feeling of guilt to receive gifts from certain ppl..
  4. the fact that i didn't get any wish from someone.. I've been forgotten, perhaps..

I have to say.. eventhough last year's birthday was undeniably the best one for me... i still appreciate what i had for this year..

Alhamdulillah~ =)