Sunday, January 30, 2011

You're burned.

I've just started watching Burn Notice and currently filling up my free time with (instead of doing my assignments) episode by episode . A good student I am! Heh. I started with season 1 and I don't plan to quickly work my way up to catch up just so I can start watching the new episodes, because I have better things to do, for god sake! I'm not addicted to it as much as Vampire Diaries. VD is just so yummy I can't resist! But I do get bored easily, sometimes.

But still. I like Burn Notice. Not just because of Jeffrey Donovan is in it. I know, his smile is killing me too!! I fall in love admire the way Mike stays cool in the middle of a trouble. Though he never laughs, he never smiles friendly-ly (sorry my grammar sucks). Whenever he smiles or laughs, you'll know it's just because he wants to bodek you OR he's sarcastic-ing you. (sorry my grammar sucks again). He's always carry a serious voice but even that can make me laugh. Humor in seriousness, I called it. Eh? Oh, and he can work with his recent EX-girlfriend very well! In that series lah, not in real life. My salutation goes not to him but to his Ex-girlfriend, Fiona, for being able to get all jobs done while working with a man who has got her dumped. Load up on the working together mode, discussions and putting up strategies on how to catch the bad guy, minus the arguments, the tears and all the emotional pathetic stuff. That is called "professional"! SALUTE!!

Though, not everything they portrait is good. There are more bad values that musn't be taken into example. So, select wisely. REALLY WISELY.

My name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy until.. I got burned.

The killer smile I was talking about!
I'm gonna die.

Okay. Enough.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.
-Anthony Robbins

Take care of your heart and other people's heart, especially of those who love you.

History repeating

It happens, as expected.
Should I be feeling sad, happy, bitter, proud or satisfied??
I don't know.
None of it seems right.
Though, I did cry.
I cried for them.
I cried for the hearts that are gonna get broken.
Call me naive, call me over-reacting, what so ever.
I can't seem to get
why people don't learn from mistake.
Haven't you been there before??
So why are you putting yourself in the same damn situation again??
Said you're tired of people misjudging you.
But why are you letting yourself be in a situation
where people could easily get you wrong??
I have nothing else to say,
except than to wish all of you people the best.
Good night.

p/s: I can never thank Allah enough for taking me out of a sticky situation and giving me so much strength, patience and calmness the way I needed them, just for me to get through. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gastric strikes!

Only myself to blame for eating super hot & spicy sambal belacan with an empty stomach. BRAVO!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love to read.

I LOVE TO READ and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read an and read and read and read and and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read and read.
(I'm trying to hypnotize myself to fall in love with reading)

Okay, this ain't working!

This might sound absurd, but I miss reading.

Last weekend, I found my hand running through the books neatly arranged on a 3-tier white bookshelf of mine. Long left untouched, a bit dusty. At the upper part of the shelf, just besidethe glass chess set, lined up all the books that I've read repeatedly for quite a few times, since I was in high school; while at the middle part to the left, allocated the books I haven't "truly" read since the day I bought them, which is a couple of years ago. And all the insignificant magazines go to the lowest shelf. Basically, that's the way I arrange my books.

After the choosing and thinking of what to read, I grabbed a Reader's Digest from the middle part of the shelf and looked at the date.

September 2009.

Darn it, that's like a year and 3 months ago! And amazingly, I had just read the first 10 pages upon buying before I dumped it on the book shelf and didn't bother to read it ever since. (Well done, Syireen!)

So now comes the time when I'm getting soooo fed up reading my college books and lab reports and lecture notes, I feel like "GRRR!!". Come on, gimme something "relaxing". You know, those that have nothing to do with exams and quizzes. And nothing to do with school, at all. And the kind that won't make me go "Urrgghh!". Yeah, I need those kind of books.

I was thinking of going to the library since it does me good by helping me save some bucks. But then, my "perfect-until-night-classes" doesn't seem to lemme go :(
Thanks a zillion to the people who arranged my timetable for this sem! Your effort is very much appreciated! :-/

Somehow I know MPH and Kinokuniya are waiting for me.
Yeah!! Come to me, my dear BOOK-eyyy! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


"Looking at old photos make me smile and brings the good old memories back."

I did smile, but then I frowned. They were not all that good afterall. And now I started missing and questioning and regretting. Like an idiot! Urghh. My guard isn't up to delete them anyhow. Not now, not yet. But everytime I open the folder, I wish I could just see something like,

so it wouldn't be such a downer.
But then again, in the end, what's the purpose of them still existing in my thumbdrive?? Wouldn't it be better if I just deleted them?
But then again and again, even if I deleted them, they'd still linger in my thought if they want to. Not that they can be thrown out of my brainiac memory anyway. Sigh.

Go away, memories. If you can't, at least, just hold urself at arm's length. Don't come near me, and stop trying to bring me down.
(Mind you, I'm talking to CERTAIN memories yeaa, not all, so don't terasa *wink*)

Or is it me who should be maintaining the stronghold everytime 'that' memories come to attack??

Hmmm.. That's it!
I'd better go get something to eat. Food never fails to cheer me up.
Soooon, fellas! :)

Oh Sunday!

Sabtu semalam pergi Teluk Intan, kenduri kahwin Mahfuz & kak Aini. Pakai baju kurung simple sahaja.

Did I look like a makcik?! Haha

Pagi bertolak ke Teluk Intan, sampai Teluk Intan tengahari, pastu makan2, berbual mesra dengan saudara mara yang dah lama tak jumpa, yang jauh yang dekat (some saya tak berapa kenal, some saya ingat2 lupa), hehe. Walaupun suasana sedikit suram tanpa kehadiran pengantin, tapi majlis tetap diteruskan. Semoga Mahfuz cepat2 sembuh ye. Kak Aini, sabar banyak2..

After dah settle sume2, petang tu terus balik Gombak balik. Penat weh duduk dlm kereta. Ayah lagi penat kott, sbb beliau yang drive. So, conclusion nya, tidur semalam memang berdengkur seperti gajah! Teehee.

Today Ahad. Bangun tidur di atas katil sendiri, di dalam bilik sendiri, di rumah family, berbalut comforter memeluk bantal busuk, diluar bilik terdengar suara Ayah and Mama sedang berborak2 dengan suara yg kuat. (Arfah was always afraid when she slept at my house, she thought they were fighting sebab dua2 cakap kuat2, but they were not, actually.) Mereka memang suka cakap kuat2, dah memang style diorang berborak bergurau begitu. That's why kite yg dalam bilik tutup pintu ni pun boleh dgr diorang berborak from dapur kat bawah or from their bilik which is opposite of my room. Haha.
Conclusionnya, I love home. *inhale and exhale calmlyy* :)

I miss you already!

p/s: Masih teringat-ingat tepi kereta, entrance dewan before mereka balik dan sebelah surau R&R.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

May I have a cup of saree?

Ahoy-hoy! I fell in love with sarees!

We went to a saree shop today. Located at Jalan Masjid India. For the first time in my life, I stepped into a saree shop. Hamaigadd! Macam lipas kudung kaki ni melangkah masuk kedai tu while browsing for the salesperson. Mana niii? Takde org nak layan customer kee. I was stopped by a petite indian lady whom i first thought was a guy coz she's almost bald. Oh yeaaa!! Lupa plak semalam Thaipusam. Nyanyuk sudaa. Haha. Much relief knowing she is a lady, coz I never feel comfortable getting a consult, particularly regarding hal2 keperempuanan, from a stranger guy. Harap maklum ye.

Whoa, look at the sareess!! I straightaway went "Eh, yang ni cantik! Oh, yang ni lagi cantik! Oh my god, this onee, cantik gilee!" Pardon me, saya memang jakun! Buat malu jek >.<

6 meters each saree. Gila panjang! How I wish I knew how to belit2 & lilit2 the saree, like my lecturer from India does. She wears beautiful saree everyday to campus. Different vibrant colours everyday. And I totally love almost all of her sarees! I admire her traditionalism. Though I sometimes wonder what will happen if she gets chased by a mad dog off campus, how is she gonna run in that?? (My imagination and me are always like this. I'm sorry, doc. Hehe) But what's more amazing is that she doesn't use any brooch to secure the saree, but the saree looks so....well-behaved! How does she do thatt?? Okay, I'm a coward, so I'm not gonna ask her. Haha

Aduh, now tetiba terasa nak beli saree, nak hantar tailor buat baju kuruuunngg. Tee-hee.
Sape nak pegi India, angkat tangan!! Nak pesan saree boleh?? :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zzzz :)

One completed homework a day, and I shall sleep soundlyyy :))

Wake up Wake up!

Wake up everybody
No more sleepin' in bed
No more backward thinkin'
Time for thinkin' ahead

The world has changed
So very much
From what it used to be
There is so much hatred
War and poverty

Wake up, all the teachers
Time to teach a new way
Maybe then they'll listen
To what'cha have to say

'Cause they're the ones who's coming up
And the world is in their hands
When you teach the children
Teach 'em the very best you can

The world won't get no better
If we just let it be
The world won't get no better
We gotta change it, yeah
Just you and me

Wake up, all the doctors
Make the old people well
They're the ones who suffer
And who catch all the hell

But they don't have so very long
Before the Judgment Day
So wont'cha make them happy
Before they pass away

Wake up, all the builders
Time to build a new land
I know we can do it
If we all lend a hand

The only thing we have to do
Is put it in our mind
Surely things will work out
They do it every time

The world won't get no better
If we just let it be,
The world won't get no better
We gotta change it, yeah.

-John Legend

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hocus pocus homework!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I love to watch my father paint.
Really, I love to hear him talk while he paint it.
I learnt a lot about my dad that way.
He told me all sorts of things like
how he got his first job delivering hay and
how he wished he'd finished college.
Then one day he surprised me.

Father: What's going on with you and uh, Bryce Loski?
Me: Wh-what do you mean? Nothing.
Father: Aw, okay. My mistake.
Me: Why would you even think that?
Father: No reason. Just that about him all the time.
Me: I do?
Father: Um-hmm.
Me: I don't know. I guess it's something about his eyes, or maybe his smile.
Father: What about him?
Me: What?
Father: You have to look at the whole landscape.
Me: What does that mean?
Father: The painting is more than the sum of its parts. The cow by itself is just a cow. The meadow by itself is just grass, flowers. And the sun peeking through the tree is just a beam of light. When you put them all together, then it can be..magic.

I didn't really understand what he was saying, until one afternoon while I was up on a sycamore tree. I was rescuing a kite. It was a long way up, higher than I've ever been. And the higher I got, the more amazed I was by the view. I began to notice how wonderful the Grace smell, like sunshine and wild grass. I couldn't stop breathing it in. Filling my lungs with the sweetest smell I've ever known.

Bryce: Hey, you found my kite!
Me: Bryce, you should come up here. So beautiful.
Bryce: I, I can't. I strained my, um...I have a rash.

From that moment on, that became my spot.

-As quoted from the movie "Flipped"-

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cerita Kasut 2

Tadi pergi KLCC.
Beli kasut.
Mama pilihkan, Ayah bayarkan.

I knowww
it's RED!
I wanted black tapi takde yang berkenan di hati.
Kasut niii available in 3 colours.
I prefered mustard
Mama loved Green (Not this green but this green)
& Ayah chose red!
Kena ikut citarasa YB (Yang Bayar) lah ye!
So, red it is.

& I heart it! :D

Terima kasih Ayah! Terima kasih Mama! :)

Selesai sudah cerita kasut.

p/s: Kalau pakai baju hijau, seluar oren, ngan kasut tu, kompom kena cop traffic light kann! Btw, is red really the new black??

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cerita Kasut.

Syireen: Ayah.. Syireen ingat nak beli kasut.. Kasut yang Syireen selalu pakai tu dah nak terkopak dah depan dia.. *muka mintak simpati*

Ayah: Nak beli kasut apa? Syireen kan dah banyak kasut..

Syireen: Memang lah syireen banyak kasut, tapi kasut2 tu untuk jalan2.. Syireen nak beli kasut utk pakai everyday pegi kelas.. Syireen kan pegi kelas jalan kaki, lalu kat atas jalan banyak batu2, dgn hujan basah, lumpur lagii.. Nak masuk lab pun kena pakai kasut. Syireen nak kasut yg selesa, tahan lasak, like leather, kaler hitam..

Ayah: Haa, tu dalam kotak tu ada but polis Ayah. Bagus but tu, tahan lasak. Bawak masuk hutan pun bolehhh. Cuba Syireen try pakai.

Syireen: *Sigh* Ayah niiii -_-"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Worst Feeling

The worst feeling isn't being lonely,
but forgotten by someone you can't forget;
loving someone you can't be with;
to look back and see how things used to be, knowing it'll never be the same;
& realizing it doesn't matter to them anymore because they've found someone new.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dah nak terberak, baru nak korek lubang??

Clinical Biochem paper tomorrow. Last minute study, as usual lah kann. Heee.

Peribahasa yang Mama & arwah Opah selalu guna dalam keadaan yang sebegini:

"Dah nak terberak, baru nak korek lubang."

Eww. Haha. Do not try this at home, okay. I repeat, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Mm-hmm. Unarranged notes leave the round table space-less. I even had to place the laptop on top of my lap while constantly googling (pause Facebook) with full of caution not to drop it on the hard bare tiles. Ahhhh. Feels good when my lap is warmm.

My notes are not as many. What made the table full were my roomate's books. As a medic student, she's wayy much busier than me. And she's using wayy much different types of book. Mula2, petak jugak kepala tengok, tapi lama2 dah biasa dah. Tak cukup 1 rak buku lebar 3 tingkat, she was thinking of buying another one! "Wow" kann?? Haha. I sometimes borrow some of her books. They had help me a lot. Thank you soo much tuan punya buku! :) She is besides, oh-so-generous she let me share the table with her. So we romantically study together. I'll ask her if I don't understand, and she'll ask me if she doesn't understand. Psst, it's called symbiosis, people. Sharing is caring, helping is loving ;)

Okayy, I've exceeded my take-five. Banyak nye lagiii tak studyyy.
Wahai mata, tiada tidur bagimu malam ini ye! @_@
Nyesal tak study awal-awal. In other words, nyesal tak korek lubang awal2.
Okay bye!

p/s: Pandai org dolu-dolu buat peribahasa kann? Makan dalam, shiott ;P

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The last straw.

You don't have to call
I won't pick up the phone.
This is the last straw
Don't wanna hurt anymore.

Could've loved you all my life
if you hadn't left me waiting in the cold.

Tet tet tetttt!!

*You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift.