Saturday, October 31, 2009

Part Time Job= Self Discovering + Experience + Money

Yay, I’m back-to blogging, as well as….studies! It’s been months since I left both.. the fact that the modem broke down and I had been working part time really turned my writing skills off!..n my brain was running out of idea! Even if there were some ideas, I was just too tired to type them down.. O God! my very 1st part time job was at DD, n it was……hectic and chaotic especially on weekends! Yet I do love the fact that I was surrounded by colorful donuts n munchkins, yummy sandwiches n nice latte n plus, I get to eat them every day! So, quiet worth it, right? ;) but, the job was so exhausting that I could only tahan for 2 weeks before I quit.. hmm.. guess I’m not suit 4 the job eh? hehe! :p

My 2nd job was at a Muslimah Shop Centre near my house.. This time I’m surrounded by Muslimahs wear.. And I love them as much as I love food! :) and actually before I even started working at DD, I was more interested working in that shop so 1 day I just walked in confidently and met the owner and told her my hajat.. then she asked me, “awak tau jahit tak?” so I said, “tau sikit2..” then she said, “awk tau alter baju guna mesin?” and I was like ‘oh no, darn it!’ so I replied, “errr….jahit biase2 guna tangan bley guna mesin tak reti..alter baju lagi la tak tau langsung..hehe.. “.. So in the end, I got rejected! Hampa! :( Tu la.. dulu Mama suruh gi masuk kelas menjahit after SPM, taknak.. degil..byk alasan.. leceh la, malas la, terlampau keperempuanan la.. sekarang, rasakan! Melepas gaji RM1000++! Padan muka!

But hey, 1 and a half month later, she called me back asking whether I still want to work with her.. alamak! I still don’t know how to sew! laa… chillex! She just wanted me to be a salesgirl throughout the Ramadhan.. no need to sew and all..owh..cehh.. if like that, of course la I want! :) so there I go.. starting my 1st day of so called the dream job.. keeping the shop clean, layan-ing the happy customers along with the problematic ones, as they were looking for baju rayas.. n I hope I’ve given them the best service during my working days although there was a couple of customer that really tried my patience that a small argument happened between us.. but because they were the customer, I surrendered!

p/s: try putting your feet into other people’s shoes regardless what the sizes are..make it fit nicely, then u’ll know!